With N-Dubz fans nationwide still getting over the shock of Fazer and Tulisa breaking up because he allegedly cheated on her with model Hannah Borg last year, we thought we’d take a look at some other celebs who evidently fail to understand the meaning of the word faithful, and can’t seem to keep their trouser snakes in check.

MC Harvey

So Solid member Harvey infamously cheated on the gorgeous Alesha Dixon in 2006 with the far less attractive  Javine Hylton. Harvey and Alesha had been dating for five years and were one year into their marriage, when Harvey was caught red handed in bed with Javine by her then boyfriend, Karl Gordo. Alesha left Harvey and he went on to continue his relationship with Javine and in 2008 they had a baby daughter. However, seeing as what goes around comes back around Javine got slapped in the face by karma in 2009 when she left Harvey after discovering he was cheating on her with multiple women. Can’t say we didn’t see that coming.

Mario Balotelli

Controversial Manchester City player Mario Balotelli deserves an award for worst attempt at cheating ever. In 2010 on New Year’s Eve, Mario cheated on his then girlfriend Sophie Reade, with her best friend in an upstairs bedroom of his penthouse flat whilst she was waiting in the downstairs bedroom. Although she may be blonde, Reade is not dumb and noticed that both Mario and her friend Faye were missing and eventually caught them. Instead of making up excuses and apologising, the footballer  kicked Sophie out of his flat barefoot!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, last year the 21-year-old hooked up with porn star Holly Henderson whilst his girlfriend Raffaella was in Italy for a modelling job. How did he get caught? He stopped to sign autographs for fans and was spotted by the papparazi. Oh Mario! Why always you?


Mr. Hung-like-a-horse Dappy has had some sort of divine intervention recently as he’s gone a whole year without cheating and promises to never cheat on Kaye Vasell (his baby mama) again. However at one point in his life the N-Dubz frontman had no shame letting his trouser snake run wild. In March 2011 Kaye and Dappy split and he had a brief fling with his back up dancer Georgia Amodu, however that was short lived after she found out that Dappy was still madly in love with Kaye and still seeing her in secret.

In April 2011 Kaye dumped Dappy after she’d had enough of his numeorous affairs, but the two quickly rekindled their love. No sooner had the pair reunited claims that Dappy had cheated on Kaye (again) with model Cassie Johnson arose. Then came the rumours about Dappy and Ny getting close in the bedroom which led to Kaye spitting on her backstage at an N-Dubz show.

Despite all the rumours and all the cheating Kaye has stuck by Dappy’s side and it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere anytime soon. As for Dappy, we just hope he manages to make it another year without cheating-but we won’t hold our breath.

Ashley Cole

Quite possibly the biggest love rat of them all is none other than Ashley Cole. The Chelsea footballer cheated on Cheryl Cole one million times  notoriously but somehow always managed to get Cheryl to stay. Lets take a look at some of Ashley’s not so secret conquests.

Back in 2008 Ashley was caught cheating with hairdresser Aimee Walton who said Ashely not only vomited while they had sex (YUCK!) but allegedly tried to bribe her into having an abortion after a pregnancy scare. Cheryl decided to stick by her man and both Cole’s dubbed the allegations as ‘absurd.’

In 2010 Mr. Love Rat Cole sent X-rated photos of himself to glamour model Sonia Wild, and a week later had sex with soccer club secretary Vicki Gough after weeks of sending her explicit text messages. As if that wasn’t enough in February 2010 American Ann Orbit claimed that she had sex with the football star whilst Chelsea were touring the US. Talk about serial cheat! Cheryl Cole eventually left Ashely in September 2010, but the two have maintained an on and off again relationship. We understand that Cheryl may want to fight for her love but you know what they say, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me five times and well I’m a blithering idiot.

And there you have it- a list of the men you should avoid getting married to at all costs.