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BBC Radio DJ Charlie Sloth is clearly living the good life as he paid a visit to Love it in Gold , Hatton Gardens in central London and spent around £1,500 customising his iPhone with 24 carat gold. He joins the ranks of Lethal Bizzle, JME, and Skepta who have also had their apple accessories covered in gold. 

The DJ was joined by Grime Daily’s Posty and 1Xtra radio DJ Vis, who also got his phone swagged out. £1,500? On phone accessories? Let’s put that price into perspective for you.

£1,500 is equivalent to 3 return trips from London to New York on British Airways with spare change left, 6 Blackberry  Curves, and could probably purchase a whole Primark store! (ok we made that last one up but you get the picture).

Ballers indeed!