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Today Chip released his version of Tyga’s Rack City to the world and sparked a Twitter debate that he probably wasn’t expecting.

The artist formally known as Chipmunk touched on topics such as Twitter, Towie and tattoos in his freestyle as well as commenting on the UK music scene, basically saying he has the best bars in the game.

But one line in this track has ruffled a few UK feathers, as it was taken to be an indirect to Krept and Konan. Chipmunk raps:

MC’s paying for views, the game’s f*cked.

This has widely been taken as a comment on Krept and Konan’s Otis video which was accused of having fraudulent viewing numbers as well as being removed from Youtube following a complaint and alleged payment from Jay-Z.

Unimpressed by Chimpunk’s line, Konan tweeted:

This tweet has people questioning whether Krept and Konan will release a diss track in retaliation. In order to try and smooth things over Chipmunk responded by saying:

Do you think this was an indirect to Krept and Konan or was Chipmunk just speaking generally about the UK music scene?


Chipmunk and Krept Konan have decided not to go to war with each other, and decided to kiss and make up instead.


And here we were ready with our popcorn expecting to be entertained!