Celebrities seem to be immune to cold weather and will use any excuse to show a bit of flesh, even if it’s snowing outside. The latest men to show off their topless bodies are fitness addict Craig David and The Risk’s Derry Mensah.

However, these aren’t the sexy pictures we expected. Derry’s action man pose looks like he is trying too hard to tense that six pack and with the other Risk members behind him, it looks like he has three heads.

Craig David on the other hand just looks plain scary. Ok, we get it, you enjoy working out, but we think it’s time you stopped before we’re able to play snakes and ladders on all those veins sticking out of your stomach.

We don’t think either of the boys did such a good job at looking good without a shirt, but if we had to choose who looked more like the incredible hulk gone wrong it would have to be Craig David.

Go and have a hamburger Craig, you deserve it.