A 17-year-old teenager was chased through a busy town centre and beaten by a gang of eight Asian men in a suspected racist attack.

Daniel Stringer was left for dead after the assault last Saturday. He was passing a takeaway with his best friend in Hyde, Greater Manchester when a man, who was part of a group sitting inside the takeaway, produced a knife making a threatening gesture at the boys through the window. The group of men then followed Daniel and his friend into the street where he was set upon after falling to the ground.

Doctors say the nerves behind his eyes have been damaged and he could be left with impaired vision, he also had emergency surgery after the attack and will need to return to hospital when doctors attempt to rebuild his right cheek with a metal plate.

Daniel after the attack in hospital

Speaking about the incident, Daniel said

They were older than me… One of them grabbed me. He hit me in the face and that’s about all I can remember. I’m upset and feel really down. Why me? I don’t know why they chose me.

Police are investigating the attack as a hate crime and have arrested two men on suspicion of assault.