Dappy has finally come clean and told us what we already know, that he is a cheat and cannot help but get close to other ladies. And seeing as he is so blessed in the downstairs department, we can understand why he would want to show it off.

The N-Dubz rapper has two children with his baby mama Kaye Vassell, but despite claiming his love for her Dappy revealed in an interview with FHM that he cannot live without women

I couldn’t survive without women. I am with my Baby Mama right now and even though I have cheated on her, I love her to death. I’d be lost without her

He also shared his secret to getting girls (which we advise you not to use) saying

I come behind women at the shoulder and whisper, ‘Hello baby’, in their ear. If they don’t like it I just go, ‘Oh sorry, I thought you were someone else.I am not smooth like Snoop, I am gully from the hood. People tell me I have an addictive personality. I have come from a negative environment and I am very humble and that’s why I think girls like me.

We think there are some very different reasons as to why girls like you Dappy, but you can stick to this one for now.