It’s always nice to see a celebrity using their fame to help fight for a good cause and now Dappy has also jumped on the philanthropy bandwagon. But if you’re wondering whether he might be supporting a charity or a hospital, then think again. The N-Dubz star has decided to turn his attention to Britain’s badger population.

The government are currently proposing to kill badgers as they are spreading the tuberculosis disease to cattle, which could make their meat harmful to humans. However, animal rights activists and scientists are arguing that this won’t solve the problem of TB and killing the badgers may only make a slight bit of difference, which overall would not be worth it.

Clearly Dappy feels strongly that the badger cull is unnecessary and barbaric, as he took to Twitter on Tuesday to urge his fans and followers to sign a petition against the government’s plan. Apparently he was inspired by his new rockstar BFF Brian May, who also believes that the cause is an important one.

Well, this isn’t quite what we expected Dappy to be concerned about, but we’re sure he’ll still manage to get a few signatures on the petition. Afterall, N-Dubz fans would do anything including selling their own mothers if their idol Dappy  told them to.