Pop the champagne! N-Dubz’s Dappy has revealed that he has stayed faithful to his longtime girlfriend Kaye Vassell for a whole year.

Dappy admitted to being a cheater in the past (as if we didn’t already know) and was scared that Kaye would leave him if he continued having one night stands.

In an interview with Now magazine, the rapper expressed that he was proud that he hadn’t cheated for a whole year, but feared his loyalty would mean he would lose his mystique. He said:

All [cheating] does is make you look like a weak person, like you’re desperate to get more women because you need more attention.You can’t be available to f*ck every Tom, Dick and Harry.

We’re guessing he means every Toni, Deb and NY Hannah…

Although this is an achievement for the rapper, we definitely think Dappy should give it a few more years before people start awarding him medals.