Well there’s two names we didn’t think we would see in the same sentence, but Dizzee has admitted that his fear of becoming like Jordan has put him off writing his autobiography.

Unlike all these other celebs who are rushing to cash in on their fame and write a revealing autobiography, even if they’re still in their early twenties *cough* Tinie Tempah and Tulisa *cough*, the East London rapper has decided to put a hold on the book he was said to release this year in order to concentrate on his new album.

He told The Sun:

It’s on hold at the moment. You look at someone like Katie Price, who’s churning them out, and I thought I didn’t want to become like Jordan. I won’t go back to it until I’ve got enough stuff to write. I’m just focusing on my next album now, which I’m about a quarter of the way through.

We’re not quite sure how he thinks he might end up like the busty glamour model, or why this is such a bad idea. Katie Price’s books may not exactly be intellectual material at its finest, but they have contributed to her empire worth a reputed £40 million. She may be rubbish Dizzee, but she’s cashing in those cheques!