Sprinter Dwain Chambers seems to be back on form this year, even having a go at a celebratory dive that would leave Tom Daley impressed.

Despite running against athletes much younger than him at the Aviva Indoor UK Trials and Championships in Sheffield 33-year-old Chambers won the Men’s 60 Meters Sprint Final in a time of 6.58 seconds, running so fast he wasn’t able to stop himself in time before crashing into the barriers and falling through a gap arse over tit.

He was in such a state he had to be pulled out by fellow athletes. Still, he was able to laugh it off afterwards and appeared unharmed.

The 33-year-old put shame upon his name after he admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs back in 2003. He was banned from competing and missed the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The ban has since been lifted and Chambers is able to compete once again which led to the incident on Saturday as he bids for a place in the London 2012 Olympics GB team.

Good luck to him for the Summer Games.