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Remember the two girls who caused a lot of controversy at Jump Off TV’s first booty shaking contest because one of them gave the audience an unnecessary flash of her breasts whilst the other had her thong on show a few times? Well it looks likes the duo, known as Ghetto Co’ture, have found a way to cling on to their 5 minutes of fame by creating a ‘UK Girls Tweking Video’.

For those of you who have no idea what twerking is, it is a type of dance in which one gyrates their ass using different techniques and requires a certain level of skill. Not to be confused with simple ass shaking.

The video has already received over 2,000 views and the girls are being dubbed the UK Twerk Team i.e. a UK version of the original, American Twerk Team. Watch the video above and decide what you think for yourself.

Warning: I advise you to watch this video in privacy and not around your parents, work colleagues, family members or anyone with morals.