After the whole Harvey and Cheryl Cole drama, fans of the two celebs found out the truth behind their alleged fling when Harvey revealed that it was a ‘communication relationship’, whatever that is, and nothing more.

His original interview with Now magazine claimed that Harvey said he’d had a secret romance with Cheryl in 2010, during her last series of The X Factor.

And in a new interview with Heat magazine, when the former So Solid MC was asked if he and Cheryl had ever had sex he revealed

No, we did not. And I never claimed to. We’re people who have both been through tough things. Does that make it a loving relationship, because you’re confiding in someone? No… Why I am going to sit there and make up lies about sleeping with someone when I’m in a relationship? That is disrespectful to my girlfriend

He also admitted that he has never been alone in a room with her! *sigh*

It seems Harvey is planning on doing an interview every week this year explaining how he didn’t have a physical relationship with Cheryl.