Just when we thought the world as we know it couldn’t get any more ridiculous, Harvey has now announced that he had a ‘communication relationship’ with Cheryl Cole and denies ever saying that they had a relationship or dated.

Probably aware that his plan to gain some much needed exposure and time in the spotlight had failed and in an attempt to cover his back since Cheryl is suing Now magazine, Harvey changed his story in an interview with Choice FM.

Now magazine printed that Harvey had said that he would consider marrying the Girls Aloud star and the So Solid MC has made a number of implications that their relationship was based on more than communication, but he told Max at Choice FM:

I did not say I would marry her. I’ve never been with her, I’ve never claimed to have a relationship with her, but the communication is not a lie. If I’d done that, I’d be lying to myself and lying to my family. If I’m saying was there communication with us, yes – for a good five months.

He went on to explain that his Twitter battle with Cheryl was instigated by her and that he had been forced to retaliate.

I was waiting for it to blow over, that’s why I backed off. But when she publicly went and done that, she brought it to the forefront as a battle, and me personally, that’s your fault because I didn’t wanna go on a public social network and give people what they want and entertain it but naturally as a person, when you done that, you put me in a corner.

As much as we’ve enjoyed following this absurd tale of events, it seems that when Cheryl asked Harvey on Twitter if the relationship had happened in his head, she was right. Looks to us like they were nothing more than pen pals.