MC Harvey has revealed the emails he claims Cheryl Cole sent him during their alleged brief relationship.

The ex So Solid crew rapper revealed to Now Magazine last week, that he had been involved in a fling with the former X Factor judge and despite Cheryl vehemently denying the claims, Harvey stood by his word and even threatened to expose her by revealing emails the pair exchanged.

Harvey reveals Cheryl Cole emails in Now Magazine

And unfortunately for Cheryl, Harvey has done just that and released the emails to Now Magazine. Tim Parish, legal adviser for Now said

I was asked to verify the authenticity of the emails between Cheryl Cole and Michael Harvey as a proof of a relationship between the couple. The emails I was shown dated back to 2010 and were correspondence to and from Cheryl Cole and Michael Harvey and also between Michael Harvey and Cheryl’s mother Joan Callaghan.

The emails give details of her feelings about the X Factor, pictures she sent to Michael Harvey as well as personal conversations between the pair. I concluded that the messages were real, had not been doctored in any way and confirm he was in a romantic relationship with the sender

You wont be able to deny proof Cheryl, so you better get your apology speech ready asap!