Richard Pallot twice referred to black footballers as 'coloured'

ITV News has apologised after a reporter used the word “coloured” in a report on racism in football. The outdated term was used during a report by reporter Richard Pallot on the racism in football summit at Downing Street on Wednesday 22 February.

Shortly after the broadcast, ITV News apologised on Twitter and the word has been removed from all future catchup editions of the broadcast, including an edited clip on the ITV News website. The programme is now investigating how the pre-recorded report that included the word was given the green light by the producers.

A spokesman for ITV News said:

ITV News apologises for the inappropriate use of the word ‘coloured’ in a report on racism and football in today’s News at 1.30pm. We take this error very seriously and we regret any offence caused.

Using the term ‘coloured’ to refer to black people is considered offensive because it dismisses everyone who is not white as the same.