Now let’s get one thing clear, we love that JB keeps bringing his girlfriend out to events, taking her on holidays with the JLS boys and to the hottest London nightclubs, and we think they are a very cute couple. But she keeps letting the side down with these questionable outfits.

Thigh high leather boots, green jeans, hooker hoops and red lipstick. It doesn’t even sound good on paper. Coloured jeans can and do look good in some instances, but this is not one of them.

Even JB looks bad on this night out, to the exclusive Rose Nightclub, in a half leather, half wool jacket. Not cute. JB, please take note from your band members, well not so much Ortisé, but certainly Aston and Marvin.

Maybe the pair should buy one another a stylist for Valentine’s Day, as they are fast becoming the worst dressed couple in the UK.