Jessie J recently revealed that she hands out a lot of her old clothes to the less fortunate.

With some of the outfits we’ve seen Jessie in, we wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to get rid, but her ever growing wardrobe means the Price Tag singer is able to donate a lot of threads to charity.

The 23-year-old star said:

I get given a lot of clothes and I don’t always like them so I give them to homeless people or to local charity shops. There are some cool homeless people who are kitted out around my area now. The charity shop near where I live has loads of my clothes in the window. We walked past and all my friends were liking these gold shoes and I screamed, ‘Well, they are mine’.

Oh great, now we can’t get the image of a homeless man in Jessie’s skin tight leggings out of our heads.

Though we’re sure they’re probably dozens of people in her cast offs looking pretty cool right about now, and we will definitely be heading down to Jessie’s local Charity shop in the near future.