Jessie J has revealed that she met Whitney Houston on the night before her untimely death, after being introduced to her by her daughter Bobbi Kristina.

The Domino star was invited to sing at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party and had met Bobbi Kristina the previous night in L.A . She told Newsbeat:

She was like, ‘My mum is here and wants to meet you.’

Describing the meeting as ‘probably the most emotional day of my career’, Jessie went on to explain that the 48-year-old singer had been an inspiration to her:

Whitney was one of my huge inspirations. I’ve always spoken about her. She made me proud to have a powerful voice… There’s a lot in the industry that isn’t about vocals and Whitney Houston was all about that – that’s what I’m trying to carry on.

She went on to admit that singing at the pre-Grammy party, which took place on the night Whitney died, was a particularly difficult performance:

I had to really bring myself together and go, ‘You can do it Jess.’ In the audience were people that I’ve listened to and been inspirations. It wasn’t easy.

I was very proud to be representing the UK on such a kind of memorable night. Whitney Houston is someone that will never be forgotten and her music will live on forever.