JLS have revealed a desire for the founder of their group, Ortise Williams, to join the X Factor panel. And he might be in luck since American superstar Kelly Rowland was given the boot.

The boy band singer was a runner up with the rest of his bandmates in 2008 and they have gone on to achieve immense success, so having Ortise on the panel wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Plus the ladies love him and we know he’ll always wear something creative week after week.

Bandmate JB told the Metro

I think they should make Oritse an ‘X Factor’ judge. Absolutely, because Oritse’s a founding member of JLS. He knows what it takes to put together a group and to find the right components and he’s just really, really enthusiastic. He’d be fantastic

Well as long as he dyes his hair back to a more TV friendly colour, we would be glad to see him on the panel.