The whole of Twitter went wild last night when they heard Kanye West would be making an appearance at the premiere of his new video N*ggas in Paris, in east London.

The video was projected onto Shoreditch High Street train station and plenty of his fans turned up in the freezing cold to catch not only a glimpse of the arty clip, but of Kanye himself. But in true diva fashion, the American superstar didn’t even show up!

Premier of N*ggas in Paris Music Video in London

The projection company told news site EastLondonLines:

He was supposed to come but he is working in a studio in Shoreditch so he won’t be able to make it.

Sounds like a big fat lie to us, seeing as we heard rumours about him attending Rita Ora’s gig at Yoyo. Very disappointed Kanye, we thought you moving to the capital city meant you would actually be around for I don’t know the premier of one of your most anticipated videos?

Sort it out!