Our favourtite model couple Leomie Anderson and Harry Uzoka couldn’t make a more perfect pair. Attractive, talented and in love, we are very jealous.

And the two stars decided to show off their love by posing for pics in The Ones2Watch demonstrating their effortless style and chemistry. A quote above the pictures read

Harry saw Leomie for the first time while watching the Channel 4 documentary series The Model Agency. He turned to his mother and declared that Leomie was the girl he wanted to marry. After much e-stalking, Harry managed to woo Leomie via Twitter. They have been together ever since. Harry’s mum is still in shock.

And whilst we’ve predicted that Leomie and Harry will be the first black couple on the cover of Hello magazine, the stunning model revealed that she already has her eyes set on ID mag.

We’re still thinking of a creative name for the pair, Larry, Heomie… we’ll work on it