Leigh-Ann from Little Mix has dumped her boyfriend of five years, saying her heavy workload is the main reason why. Nathanual Diamond and Leigh-Ann have been together since they were kids so this is bound to leave both feeling awful.

Since winning the X-Factor show, life has been rather hectic for Leigh-Ann. Things are even bound to get worse, as her band is preparing to go on the X Factor tour.

In an interview with The Sun, Leigh-Ann said:

 We’ve been in the studio non-stop recording tracks and then straight into rehearsals for the X Factor Tour.

The tour goes on for two months then we’ll be straight into promo for our music. There just isn’t time for a relationship at the moment, and I wouldn’t do anything half-heartedly.

Nathanual is not so convinced though.

 I suspected that something may have been going on with someone out of One Direction or The Risk. But I don’t know if it happened. She’d never tell me.

When I knew she had won I told her that everyone said she would change but she said she’d still be the same.

Unlucky Nate. You know what they say, plenty more fish in the sea. I hope for his sake she was telling the truth. Although if something did happen, I can’t help but wonder, who with? I seem to remember a few members of The Risk giving her the eye…let’s leave it there.