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After becoming a YouTube sensation, English teacher Mark Grist, 30, has decided to renounce the classroom and become a full-time rapper.

The video, which has over 1.5million views, shows Grist slamming MC Blizzard in a rap battle hosted by DontFlop. The teacher uses multiple one-liners which leave the crowd and Blizzard in a constant state of amazement. You’ve got to hand it to Grist. He comes in with his bland grey suit, looking all dreary and insignificant, but eventually blows everyone away with his superior wordplay.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Grist said:

 I am not a cool rapper in fact I am probably the squarest rapper you will ever meet… But I love the craft and it has helped to inspire my pupils to achieve and given them a much stronger interest in English.

It’s quite surreal now I am working as a rapper and touring the country performing to pack crowds and annihilating young MC’s in rap battles.

Grist saw potential in rap after he used it to teach pupils poetic devices. He then spent time honing his craft and this attracted the right people. He now makes those P’s from touring, but occasionally teaches as a substitute.

What a legend! Good on ya Grist!