Mike Tyson and his wife Lakiha Spicer

Mike Tyson had to be restrained by his entourage on Thursday after an excited fan trod on his wife’s toes by accident whilst trying to take a photo of the couple at Heathrow airport in London, provoking Tyson to lunge towards him.

The 45-year-old was changing flights during a trip from Barcelona back to Los Angeles when a star-struck security guard at the airport tried to get a quick picture of the controversial boxer with his wife, Lakiha Spicer, while they were in an elevator.

The hot-headed boxer didn’t handle the situation well by lunging at the clumsy fan after he trod on Spicer’s foot, which led to Tyson being held back by his entourage while the understandably terrified security guard was kicked out before any trouble could start.

A source at the scene told The Sun:

The man was a bit dim. Tyson went berserk.

Whoa! All we can say is we won’t be trying to get any snaps of the couple in the near future.