Naomie Harris has admitted that filming the scenes for the new James Bond film have been a pleasure, particularly working with co-star Daniel Craig.

This will be Craig’s third Bond film and the 35-year-old actress has revealed that he is working hard to maintain his enviable body, which she can’t help but admire.

Harris spoke to BANG Showbiz at Sunday’s BAFTA’s, saying:

Daniel is amazing. We do 12-14 hours of filming and then after, every day, he does two hours of training on top of that in the gym. He works so hard and he’s always in a great mood. I really adore him.

But if you were hoping to catch a glimpse of Harris’ body too you may be disappointed. She dashed our dreams by saying she is only  keeping in shape to perform her own stunts, not to appear in one of the infamous Bond bikini scenes:

I don’t have any bikini scenes so I’m just training to keep up with all the stunts…I’m trying to do all my own stunts. I’ve done them all so far. In a couple of weeks we’ve got another big stunt thing, so I don’t know if I can do all of them. But I’m trying to!

The former Pirates of the Caribbean star also gushed about the the set of oo7 being ‘calm and intimate’. Well, we can’t wait to see these ‘intimate’ scenes and the relationship between Harris and Craig on the big screen.