Plan B, before and after his drastic weight loss

Rapper, singer and actor Plan B is well known for his chubby cheeks and bad boy swagger and has been a firm favourite among the young ladies in the UK, but they might have been a bit put off when they saw images of him at the Brit Awards.

Plan B turned up to the event looking haggard and very slim, and the fact that he wore an ill fitting suit from his larger days further accentuated the change in his size. As he got on stage to present the British Male Artist award he joked about his slim looking appearance in his baggy suit, saying:

As you can see I’ve put on a lot of weight, sorry about that.

It seems all this weight loss is for his acting role in the new The Sweeney film which is directed by Nick Love and sees Ray Winestone take over the late John Thaw’s role as Regan, with newcomer Plan B (who’s real name is Ben Drew) playing Dennis Waterman’s character Carter. Plan B admitted that after a comment from co-actor Ray Winestone, he decided to shed a few pounds, stating that Ray said to him:

‘Are you sure you’re going to get yourself in good enough shape?’ I thought right then and there, ‘I’m going to do it’. That’s the extra incentive I needed. I thought, ‘I’ll f****** show you, pal’.

Plan B then began a rigorous workout regime and cut out eating processed foods like pasta and bread. His told The Sun newspaper: 

I’m just eating salad, steaks and fish now. I’m eating a lot of prawns. I love prawns. I’ve even been eating the prawns that have been in the fridge for a few days, it goes through you quicker, you know. That helps weight loss.

Ermmm we’re not too sure about that last part of his regime but each to their own.