Armed police shot a man, believed to be in his 20’s, four times after their tasers failed to restrain him on Sunday night.

The victim, from Forest Hill, was approached by police who were called to Elsinore road in south, east London to deal with reports of a car burglary, he then threatened them with a ‘large, bladed weapon’ and armed assistance was called.

Failing to resist, the Ghanaian born man was shot up to four times and is now fighting for his life in hospital.

A witness at the scene said

There was some shouting then two shots, then some more shouting, another shot, then more shouting and a fourth shot. I had just got up to make a cup of tea when I first heard the shouting. It was the police shouting – like they do on the telly when they raid a house. The police were shouting “Get on the floor! Put it down! Put it down! Get on the floor!

This is the first police shooting since Mark Duggan was shot in August 2011, sparking the summer riots.

Scotland Yard said he was in a “critical but stable” condition in hospital.