On Monday night party girl Rihanna celebrated her 24th birthday with excessive amounts of alcohol. Who can blame her though? We’ve all been there (don’t lie, you know it’s true!) As one might expect, RiRi suffered from a massive hangover and turned up to the Brit rehearsals in a shattered state. A source told the Daily Mail she was so hungover that

…She didn’t do any singing or dancing whatsoever. She literally stood on the stage like a zombie.

What she wore to the rehearsals is also worth noting. There were elements of lingerie in her outfit (yes, lingerie!) as well as high-waist denim shorts, long lack socks, shades, a baggy baseball jacket and a checkered shirt wrapped around her waist. Thankfully she managed to brush up at the award show and looked spectacular in a Givenchy Haute Couture dress.

Rihanna did receive a special late birthday present as she won a Brit Award for best International  Female Solo Artist. We’re guessing this victory will be celebrated with shots of vodka later on in the night.

Rihanna also received birthday love from her fans and ex boyfriend  Chris Brown who tweeted ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!’ Hmmm. It seems like Chris and RiRi are rather friendly these days. Could something be going on there? Do you want something to be going on there? I’m not quite sure I do.We wonder if he licked the icing off her her birthday cake cake cake cake cake.