New BFFs Kate Moss and Rihanna

Unfortunately we’re not talking about a sex threesome but rather referring to the all-night party that supermodel Kate Moss and N-Dubz star Fazer reportedly threw in the singer’s London hotel room.

The celeb bash began on Wednesday night after Rihanna received a call from new pal Kate Moss. Kate had been watching Fazer make his debut on the catwalk at a fashion show that took place in RiRi’s London hotel, The Corinthian. The three later had some (innocent) fun in the singer’s room.

Fazer's catwalk debut

Rihanna and Kate became friends after hitting it off at Stella McCarney’s London Fashion Week show last weekend.

A source told The Sun:

Kate has recruited a number of younger pals to her crew over the past few months.She loves everything about Rihanna and has a real soft spot for Fazer. He has become her fashion protégé and she was cheering louder than anyone when he was strutting down the runway.

It is rather surprising that Kate has taken a liking to Fazer. One would have thought that they roll in entirely different crowds.  Well…stranger things have happened.

It was only a couple of months ago that Fazer and Tulisa were an item. Now he has Kate Moss all up in his business!

Lucky sod!