Rihanna is known for her unique sense of style and while she’s been in London she’s really been letting loose, so we thought we’d take a look at some of the highs (and lows) of Rihanna’s London Wardrobe.

Let’s start with her Brit Awards red carpet outfit. She walked into the event this week in a Givenchy dress met with a very good reception, and the risk taken with the leather gloves definitely paid off. Following her exciting performance of We Found Love at the award show, Rihanna teamed her Timbalands with a short and skimpy jumper and matching sunglasses. Although it does look like she’s not wearing any trousers (and to be quite frank we wouldn’t be surprised) she is wearing micro denim shorts underneath her jumper. Talk about risky dressing.

Rihanna was spotted going to dinner in London in a very mismatched-but-somehow-it-works outfit. We love how she’s adapted to the colder climate with her polar neck and blazer. We also love the fact that she’s accessorised with just the right amount of jewellery, a bangle or two more and she would have stepped into yardie territory. The only bit we’re not so sure about is the sandals and tights look- nobody can pull that off and look good.We would have probably opted for a closed toe shoe.

RiRi’s a party girl, so it comes at no surprise that she made sure to look her best went out on one of her many booze cruises. Dressed in a blinding bright neon dress, we think it’s a little cold for this skimpy outfit but Rihanna makes it clear that fashion knows no weather. The colour of her sunglasses don’t really compliment the outfit, and her signature all black Ray Bans would’ve probably looked better.

She wore a more casual outfit walking around London today, clutching what has been reported to be a script, leading us to believe Rihanna could be getting into the film business. This baggy jumper (and no that is NOT an illuminati sign before any of you ask) and baggy jeans combo is probably the most covered up we’ve ever seen Rihanna. No seriously. We do like this off duty look and might attempt to pull it off ourselves.