Every label has one female artist recruited to play ‘the pretty face’ role. For example, Young Money have Shanell and Maybach Music Group have Teedra Moses and although they may have (some) musical talent, it is rarely showcased in comparison to their other artists.

We at Pappzd noticed that Rita Ora seems to have taken on this role at Roc Nation and her situation is particularly similar to Bad Boy Records signee Cassie Ventura. Here are our five reasons why:

1. That Face 

This probably doesn’t need much explanation but both girls have unique looks that easily help them stand out from the crowd. Rita’s Kosovan root’s and Cassie’s Filipino ancestry gives them both that sexy edge, which makes them perfect candidates for the ‘pretty face’ position at their record labels.


2. That CK One Advert

It’s safe to say that each girl has a successful side hustle (modelling) and they have appeared in a number of fashion shoots and adverts. In 2011, Rita and Cassie both appeared in Calvin Klein’s advertising campaign for CK One, in which they effectively just pranced around on camera for two minutes in their underwear and talked about their careers and passion for music.

3. That Not So Obvious Music Career

We all know that these girls are musicians, but how many of their songs can you actually name? Yeah, we’re struggling too. Rita featured on Craig David’s track Awkward back in 2008 but has yet to release a debut album. She has attempted to remind us that it is on it’s way by recording a number of videos of her at work in the studio last year. However, her new single Hot Right Now has just dropped and seems like it could be the boost she needs to get recognised as a serious musician.

Cassie on the other hand has already released a debut album, which literally rode by on the success of her hit single Me & U. She is now preparing to release her second studio album, yet judging by the electro pop sound of the new track King of Hearts, it might be more of an acquired taste. And come to think of it, has anyone ever seen a a picture of Cassie even holding a microphone?

4. That Stand Out Hair

Apart from the fact that both girls are sickeningly hot, their bold hairstyles probably get them noticed that little bit more. Rita’s bright blonde curls are unique and fresh and contrast starkly with her dark eyebrows and Kosovan features, while Cassie’s shaved head has proved so popular it started a trend that encouraged almost all of the female population to copy her.

5. That Superstar Industry Mentor

Being signed to a record label means you automatically have easier access to some of the biggest artists in the industry, but when those labels are Roc Nation and Bad Boy Records, your mentors come with a little bit more of a superstar status. In 2009 Rita’s talent was spotted by none other than Jay-Z and he decided to sign her to Roc Nation.

Cassie on the other hand caught the attention of Diddy after he heard Me & U and producer Ryan Leslie convinced him to partner with his own label NextSelection on releasing her first album. Since then it also seems that Cassie and Diddy may have become more than just colleagues and he could be mentoring her in more ways than one.

And there you have it, Pappzd’s five reasons why we think Rita Ora may be Roc Nation’s equivalent to Bad Boy Record’s Cassie Ventura. Now we just need to wait for one of them to bring out a half decent album and we can retract that ‘just a pretty face’ argument.