Rumour has it that Kanye West will be designing a clothing range for Topshop.

The rapper launched his women’s clothing line KW during Paris Fashion Week last year and is currently preparing the second line for 2012’s fashion week, but it seems he is also hoping to branch out into the high street.

The Mirror reported that, Kanye has admired Sir Philip for some time and finally managed to have lunch together this week while he was in London, a source said:

Kanye has wanted to work with Sir Philip Green for some time. They were in the restaurant for several hours tossing ideas back and forth, Kanye is obsessed with the female shape so if he did a range it would be pretty revealing – not for wallflowers.

However, it looks like Sir Phillip didn’t want to be affiliated with the rapper’s fashion scheme or was just telling porkies, refusing to admit it was a business lunch:

I had lunch with him and, sorry, do I have to report who I have lunch with in the Daily Mirror? He was very hungry. So was I. That’s what happens at lunchtime. There was no conversation going on. He’s a friend of my son.

Oh dear, we’ll take that as a no then.