Former Big Brother star Makosi Musambasi has been kicked out of the UK after allegedly trying to enter the country using a relatives passport.

The busty reality star was recognised by UK Border Agency officers at Heathrow airport and sent back to Lagos, where she flew in from, the next day.

£12,000 was confiscated from Makosi and agency officers say the cash is being investigated.

Speaking about the situation Makosi told Pappzd

I’m African and Africa is not the worst place for an African to be! My visa expired and its unfortunate that is newsworthy.

Makosi has had problems with her visa before. During her time as a contestant on Big Brother series six, the 31-year-old ex nurse was in the country on a work visa and by appearing on the reality show broke the terms of her visa contract and was asked to leave. The Zimbabwean born beauty later claimed asylum, and her application was approved. Though she said her battle to stay in Britain “did not come cheap”.

But it seems like this time it’s for real. I guess Makosi didn’t think the UK Border Agency officers would be Big Brother fans!