Even after all the breakups and falling-outs in the N-Dubz camp, it doesn’t look like there’s any sign of the trio calling it a day after Fazer announced that they plan to drop a new album next year!

In an interview with MTV News Fazer revelaed that the group will be working on a new album soon

We are on hiatus, we’re all good. We are just taking some time out. Tulisa has been killing it on The X Factor, Dappy has been killing it with his solo records and I’ll be doing the same this year, so it gives everyone a chance to capitalise on their own fanbases as well as the N-Dubz one… Then we will come back collectively next year to record another N-Dubz album

Just when we thought the days of N-Dubz were over, we now have to prepare ourselves for a year of ‘Na Na Nai’s’.