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Jamal Edwards, the young founder and mastermind behind SB.TV, is seriously branching out. Last year SB.TV uploaded a considerable amount of comedy-related videos and interviews, much to the dismay of die-hard grime heads, but much to the approval of those that wish to see the company branch off in a new direction.

This year, Jamal has turned it up a notch. A video posted early this month has the young entrepreneur interviewing none other than Labour leader Ed Miliband. Jamal fires off serious questions to do with politicians, embracing hip hop, voting and tuition fees.

The video is rather compelling and it’s a clear indication that SB.TV is about more than music. But with less than 15,000 views, the video seems to have slipped under the radar in comparison to other SB.TV series such as Warm Up Sessions or F64, which tend to get well over 20,000 views within one week.

One can only hope that more people see it, as it definitely gives you a rare insight into not only the mind of a man that could very well run the country in the future, but also the young mind behind the fast-growing media company that everyone wants to be part of.

We do wonder though, are people ready for SB.TV to branch off into something different?  Or should SB.TV stick to more grime, less politics?