Following Tulisa and Fazer’s shock split after a romantic holiday in the Maldives, model Hannah Borg has come out of the woodwork in an exclusive interview with Heat Magazine, to tell the world about her and Fazer’s romantic encounter.

Tulisa told friends that she couldn’t trust Fazer anymore, and now we see why, as Fazer invited Hannah Borg into his car last November at London celebrity favourite nightclub Whisky Mist.

Hannah told Heat:

We danced for a bit and then he asked me to go out to his car, we were talking and it was quite noisy we said let’s go for a cigarette and he was like we might as well go and sit in the car and talk. I don’t think he wanted people seeing us outside. I was so drunk so I’m not sure we were just dancing and we ended up kissing. It was mutual.

Apparently she didn’t realise that Fazer, a member of one of the UK’s biggest urban bands N-Dubz, was famous:

When asked: At what point did you realise he was famous?

She replied:

Literally, when I got back in to the club and I spoke to my friend, after I had been in the car.

The model didn’t realise that Fazer had a girlfriend and doesn’t have anything to say to Tulisa:

I don’t think so. Do I say sorry? I feel like I haven’t got anything to say sorry for. He didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend…

They’re all going to start coming out of the woodwork now!