Seal and Tatjana Patitz back when they were dating

With all this talk of Seal and Heidi Klum’s divorce, Seal’s ex-girlfriend thought she would make the most of bashing the singer’s name while she has the chance and gain exposure by revealing why Heidi and Seal’s marriage may have failed.

Also a German model, Tatjana Patitz admitted to In Touch magazine that her ex had problems controlling his anger and was selfish.

He is not a nice person. He has anger issues. He is definitely not someone who I think of fondly now.

She is even sure that the 48-year-old cheated on her during their year long relationship in 1997.

Although there have been no claims that Seal kissed another rose (sorry, we couldn’t resist) while he was married to Heidi, rumours have now emerged that his ‘inability to control his temper’ and partying ways are the reasons behind the split.

Keen to take on the role as some sort of advisor to Heidi, Tatjana has said that she feels a divorce would be in the best interests of the couple’s three children. Yet it took her 15 years to come forward and reveal that the supermodel might have married a rageaholic? *side eye*

That reconciliation isn’t looking too good right now, Seal.