A film premiere is the perfect opportunity for celebrities to get a bit more dressed up and get spotted doing something else other than staggering out of a night club in their best party frocks. So it’s no surprise that Tashie Jackson jumped at the chance of attending the premiere of Danny Dyers new film Deviation.

However, it seemed that the model didn’t quite get the exposure she may have hoped for as the paparazzi at the Daily Mail didn’t even have a clue who she was, and unfortunately ended up calling her a Z-lister.

The Daily Mail’s website was less than sympathetic to poor Danny (whose premiere looked like it wasn’t much of a hit) and reported that the celebrity turn out was far from impressive saying:

In fact, there was virtually nobody worth a mention besides a few low-rent glamour models at the screening which took place at the Odeon cinema in London’s Covent Garden.


Although we do love a bit of honest reporting, we can’t help but feel sorry for Tashie for not getting recognised. I mean, how could they not know that booty? Also, we fail to understand how the paper had no clue who Tashie was but still seemed to identify Desperate Scousewives star Layla Flaherty.

Better luck next time.