The Saturdays were caught short in L.A. yesterday when they were out shopping in summery outfits and it began to pour with rain. The superstars didn’t have an umbrella between them and had to use what was available to them to protect their expensive hair (pieces) and make up.

Molly didn’t seem to bothered by it and quickly got into a cab while protecting her make up with her hand. Rochelle Wiseman and Frankie however went into hysterics and obviously lost their minds as they held up their matching (we are not quite sure why either)  Hermès Birkin handbags against the rain.

Whilst the bags are made of leather and therefore are definitely waterproof, the fact that these bags cost between $9,000 and $150,000 and have a world renowned waiting list makes this a rather dramatic choice, leading people to think that the bags are either fake, or the Saturdays are making a lot more money than we expected.

Surely the girls hair/ make up can’t cost more than their handbags? We guess a picture of them with frizzy hair and running make up would cost them a great deal more.