On 25 February DJ Tim Westwood held a party at London’s Proud2 which saw many students and avid ravers attend. As one can expect at any normal party, there was lots of dancing, scantily clad women and a lot of drinking.

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However once photos of the event were released on Facebook last night the general public were less than amused by what they saw and made fun of the daggering, abundance of jet-ski weave and general tom foolery. Even Don’t Jealous Me’s Tolulope Ogunmefun poked fun at the photos,  leading to Westwood having them removed this morning.

A lot of people blamed the photographer that night, DJ Jigga, and said that Westwood should never hire him again. However Jigga responded saying:

Whilst the photos have been removed on Facebook, unfortunately thanks to Screen Muncher a few are still floating around- and we happened to get our hands on them.

Also check out the video above from the dancing competition at the party. One question, where are those girls parents?!