In case you haven’t noticed, today is Valentine’s day, and while some of us are being pampered by our boyfriends or somebody else’s boyfriend, there are plenty of single ladies out there who can only fantasise about who they would like to fall asleep with tonight.

So being the lovely people that we are, the girls at Pappzd thought we’d put together a little list to help pass the time, featuring the top three guys we’d love to spend Valentine’s Day with.

3rd place: Dappy


We don’t like to tell too many people this, but we were really impressed with Dappy’s picture of his ‘gift’.  The one he selflessly uploaded for all to see.

Now Dappy might not be the most romantic of fellas, but his confidence has earned him a well deserved spot on our list. And though he’d probably do a runner before midnight to go and spend the rest of Valentine’s Day with one of his other lady friends, we’d probably feel really on edge anyway just waiting for his baby mama Kaye Vassell to jump out of a cupboard and claim her ‘man’.

 2nd place: Chucky Venn aka Ray Dixon from EastEnders


Can you see that body? Isn’t it amazing? Thought so.

Chucky always seems to play a sexy Lothario or some other role which involves him being naked, so we’re assuming he’s like that in real life. His character Ray in EastEnders is someone we would definitely like to spend Valentine’s Day, or any other day of the year, with.

A man who’s sexy, smart and cleans up? Yes please. We can imagine Chucky cooking us a nice meal, topless of course, then giving us one of those massages with a very happy ending. Ahem.

1st place: Skepta


Skepta was given the number one spot on Grime Daily’s Top Ten Sexiest Males in Grime and Rap list and he’s received first place again, despite the fact he has banned Pappzd from following him on Twitter for nearly a year and constantly makes it clear he (loves to) hates us.

It’s not only his masculine physique and deep voice we love, it’s his IDGAF attitude that’s a massive turn-on. We reckon he’d probably give us a mini performance as a Valentine’s gift, maybe a reenactment of All Over the House with one of us as the lead role.

Because any man who is willing to be an extra in a porno must be a dark horse in the bedroom.

There you have it. Single ladies, what do you think? Agree or disagree? Let us know below…