Do the names Strider, Flava, Kenzie, Rocky B, Krazy, Melo D, Reepa, Spike-E, Freek, Tommy-D and Slutty D ring any bells? Believe it or not these were the names of one of Britian’s most successful boy bands of the noughties, Blazin’ Squad.

After releasing the brutally murdered cover of the classic Bone Thugs and Harmony song Crossroads as their first single, the group of 10 Chingford lads landed themselves six top 10 UK chart singles, lost seven members and changed their name to Friday Hill to then be dropped by their record company Peach records all in the space of four years. This leaves us wondering, where the hell are they now?

Strider and Flava

Strider and Flava are now professionally known as Mus Omer and James Murray and work as producers at their company MoJam. They have both recently worked with the likes of Emeli Sande, Rizzle Kicks and girl band Wonderland. Fancy.


From scrawny Big Brother housemate to complete meat head, James Mckenzie has had a complete body transformation! If he isn’t busy posing half naked for the cover of Gay Times magazine, you’ll probably find him busy at work as a personal trainer in his own gym.  James can now proudly join the group of failed pop stars who massage their broken egos in the gym… Craig David and Derry Mensah hold premium memberships.

Rocky B

Rocky B, real name Marcel Somerville, is now apparently working as a song writer and is the owner of his music production company MDM productions. Now by the sound of his latest material, we don’t know if Marcel or what he now likes to be known as Primetime Pro-Juice is being dead serious with his work or just killing his spare time making tracks like Curry Goat. I mean this can’t be serious… right?

 The rest of Blazin’ Squad including Reepa, Tommy B and Spike E have all turned their talent to DJing. Signer Lee Bailey seems to have disappeared from the face of the Earth after his singing career as The Lee Bailey Project flopped miserably.

We’re not going to lie and say that we miss the legendary anthems of Blazin’ Squad because we don’t. Yes slitted eyebrows and spiky jelled hair may have got us giggly back then, but who needs them when we’ve got One Direction.