We are all familiar with Wiley’s rants on Twitter and how he’s usually pissing somebody off for one reason or another and this time the lucky victim was DJ Semtex. However, Semtex gave back as good as he got and what followed was a drawn out feud that definitely looked like it had been a long time coming.

We assume there is more to this Tweef than petty arguing over which person has been more successful or over Wiley’s album sales, but it seemed to begin with Wiley throwing the first shot (not surprised) about how much Semtex has done for the industry.

Of course the DJ had some points of his own to make about Wiley’s contribution to the grime scene, and claims that he has let a lot of people down along the way, including his fans.


Low and behold (and as expected when Wiley is involved) Dizzee Rascal’s name gets a mention too, with Semtex using the Dirtee Stank star’s debut album Boy In Da Corner as an example of success in the grime industry.

Wiley admitted that he might not have made a similar EP,but said that no one else on the scene has either and they have achieved greater success than Dizzee.

Semtex really hit Eskiboy hard by saying that he was not the reason grime took off in the UK and that we owe So Solid Crew for that.


We could go on (there’s literally hundreds more tweets) but we think you get the gist by now. Both Wiley and Semtex make some valid and honest comments about each others careers, but after a couple of hours of still seeing it on our timeline we stopped caring (although the young money tweet did make us chuckle).

Sort it out boys, you’re too old to be arguing over these irrelevant points anymore. More importantly, you’re far too old to be fighting over Twitter!