In this age of stylists, paparazzi, and ready to wear clothing there’s really no excuse for a celeb to be seen in the public eye dressed in a bad outfit. But sometimes the stylists get it wrong, and it’s our duty to document those fashion faux pas moments as a cautionary tale so that us mere mortals can learn from their mistakes. We decided to take a look at five outfits that have been worn by our favourite male celebs, and we feel should be set a light as to never be seen in public again. Ever.

5. Ashley Walters

We all know Ashley Walter’s is great at playing different characters, and it looks like he likes to play dress up too. This time he chose to dress up as a frumpy scientist, and we’re not fans of this look at all. The usually sexy Ashley made some serious style errors here with a mismatched smart casual look, and we would never advise trainers on the red carpet. The part of this outfit we would like to grab hold of and burn the most is that awful fisherman’s hat, let us at it!

4. Ortise Williams

When Ortise first debuted his new orange hair we weren’t exactly the biggest fans of it, and we still aren’t. There are so many colours going on in this outfit our eyes are sore. Whilst we love how much Ortise experiments with his clothes, this outfit along with the hair just confuses us. Too many colours and trends all mixed together do not look good on this JLS boy.

3. Jammer

At a photo shoot Jammer, or his misguided stylist, decided to put him in this Donald Duck short sleeved shirt. Now we are all for playful fashion and cartoon characters are lovely, but this just looks so wrong and we can’t imagine the BBK boys were too impressed. We love what the hair stylist did with Jammer’s locks, but the shirt just doesn’t work for us.

2. Lethal B

Lethal B attended the NME awards in this shocking ensemble. As a general rule sequins should be reserved for statement shift dresses and stage costumes. As for the hoody that looks like gold tin foil- disastrous. And did no one ever tell him that wearing  gold and silver together is the ultimate fashion crime?! SMH. Furthermore white aviators really only look good on Rita Ora, most of us just end up looking like bugs. Sorry Bizzle.

1. Skepta

Coming in at number one is Skepta. In Skepta’s Cross My Heart Video featuring Preeya Kalidas, he made the mistake of donning this lavender suit. This not only made him look like Barney the Dinosaur, but it also made him look like those girls in trench coats were his employees and all he was missing was a cane and a furry hat. Not a good look. We can’t think of anyone that would look good in a purple suit, except perhaps Hugh Heffner (for obvious reasons).

We hope this has been a fashion lesson for you all. Please stay away from fish hats, orange hair, cartoon character shirts, sequins and lavender suits. These weren’t just hang the stylist moments, more like shoot the stylist, burn the outfits and bury them together.