Up and coming rapper Yungen, member of Krept and Konan’s collective Play Dirty, is apparently not single and infact has a misses. Sorry ladies.

Yungen was in attendance at music show case Grounded in London, Camden on Wednesday night and although he was not billed to perform he made an appearance.

A source who spoke to Yungen at the show told Pappzd

During my conversation with Yungen I asked him if he was performing, to which he answered no, and he said that he was here to see his chick perform.


From top left: Mz. Bratt, Kyra, Shanay Holmes, Cleo Sol

The list of ladies performing included Mz. Bratt, Kyra, Cleo Sol, and Shanay Holmes. We wonder which one of these ladies is the apple of Yungen’s eye.