BAFTA award winner Adam Deacon found himself in a very sticky situation this morning, when he was slandered on Soccer AM for being a no show. Adam was apparently due to appear on the show this morning, but when he didn’t turn up Soccer AM said he ‘couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed.’


Adam was not amused by the accusations and quickly jumped on Twitter to set the record straight.


According to Adam the real people to blame are film-distrubution company Revolver Entertainment who were not only aware that he would not be able to make the show and didn’t bother telling Soccer AM, but have also apparently done so to purposely slander Adam Deacon’s reputation.!/realadamdeacon/status/178442817306230784!/realadamdeacon/status/178444528909430785!/realadamdeacon/status/178445318533300224


Nevertheless Adam will appear on Soccer AM in the future and things on that front have been patched up.

As for Revolver Entertainment, they have some serious explaining to do!