Alexandra Burke was left horrified when a Twitter user, who was eating at the same restaurant as her, threatened to stab her because she was ‘annoying’.

Now I think many of us will agree that Burke can be rather irritating, but not so bad that we would want to cause her any harm! The Elephant singer and her family were having dinner and checking Alexandra’s Twitter mentions (as you do) when they came across a tweet that read

I’m in a restaurant with Alexandra Burke. She’s annoying me and I’m going to go over with my steak knife and stab her to death

Burke’s mum Melissa toldLBC 97.3. that they approached the diner and gave him a piece of their mind

My son absolutely lost it. [The man] was very sheepish and said, ‘I’m so sorry, it was a joke’. But I was very scared. We said, ‘How dare you? This is threatening someone’s life

Clearly not a funny joke.

Moral of the day: Don’t tweet death threats to a celeb when they’re in the same room as you.