Although they are yet to make their relationship status official, it looks like Alexandra Burke and Tottenham Player Jermain Defoe are already introducing each other to their parents.

Last week Alexandra introduced Jermain to her mum (for the first time) at her mum’s birthday bowling party. A source told The Sun:

He [Jermain] fitted straight in and enjoyed it. He loves bowling and couldn’t resist showing off and getting a high score.

Days before, Jermain introduced Alexandra to his parents at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund UK Annual Gala Dinner. It’s good to hear that Jermain is getting along with Burke senior, but we can’t help but wonder if they’re taking things a bit too fast? Next thing we know they’ll be getting married and popping out babies!

Nevertheless the two look good together and it’s nice to have a new (unofficial) couple to stalk since Tazer (Tulisa and Fazer) broke up and Marvin and Rochelle decided to lay low during their wedding planning.