Balotelli leaving Liverpool strip club with pals

Mario Balotelli has issued an apology to his girlfriend after he was caught leaving a strip club last Friday.

The Man City player is not only in hot water with his missus Raffaella Fico, but also his boss Mancini, though he did admit that she has nothing to worry about because he didn’t do anything.

I didn’t do anything wrong at the club. But I understand that if my girlfriend had gone with her friends to a strip club, I would have been very angry. If you love a woman, you can avoid causing that pain. That was my first mistake. The second was to go two days before a game.

Balotelli may face a fine for being out as Mancini expects his players to be at home and in bed when they have a first-team game less than 48 hours away.

And just when we were beginning to think this was going to be a good year for Balotelli!