As with most Premier League footballers, Mario Balotelli has tons of money. But despite his never ending cash flow, the Italian born star who earns £120,000 a week, has allowed his biological mother to live in a council estate in Wythenshawe, Manchester.

Rose Barwuah, 46, is trying to make amends with her son after giving him up for adoption when he was just two years of age and has moved all the way from Italy to be closer to him.

Initially, Balotelli angrily believed that his mother only came to Manchester for his money, but he seems to be changing his mind, making frequent trips to her estate in his white Bentley GT.

Balotelli with is mother and younger brother Enoch in Italy

Balotelli was adopted after social workers influenced his relatively poor parents to give him away. The family lived in a small flat in Brescia, Italy and had problems with money, especially after paying for an expensive operation on Balotelli’s intestines.

A neighbour of Barwuah told the Sun:

Mario has started coming round more often. He sometimes strolls to the shop for her….It is lovely that he and Rose are close again.

Now if I were a footballer earning millions a year, I would probably be a bit suspicious of someone from the past coming back into my life too, but making your mother live in a council estate whilst you live in luxury… now that’s just cruel